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Zlatibor PSD is a company primarily profiled and specialized for tourism and traditional production sectors development. Company is represented by highly qualified team consisted of individuals whose business success is built on successful blend of knowledge and skills in economy, market development, value chains, supply chains, etc. The primary activity of the company consists of consulting activities and projects in tourism and traditional products which contribute to socio-economic development, i.e. growth of incomes and employment:
PSD Development and implementation of various studies, analysis and strategic documents,
PSD Mapping and analysis of tourism potentials,
PSD Development of integral tourism products, project and investment proposals,
PSD Implementation of projects and investments,
PSD Promotion through innovative technologies, improvement of supply and value chains.


Mission of Zlatibor PSD is to improve business enabling environment and introduce development changes that are to stimulate sustainable economic growth of our company and our partners. The mission is fulfilled through a series of activities:


Innovations in domestic market in line with global trends such as the development of new products, improvement of business enabling environment for attracting investments and development of new business models to respond to market trends.


Entering new value chains and development of new market mechanisms to create additional employment and incomes.


Partnerships with public and private sector to achieve business growth and development through development cooperation.


Contribution to socio-economic development, growth of incomes and employment.


Company ahead of time - creator of value yet to come!

Our vision is to be a synonym for the company that continuously sets new development challenges and achieves excellence in business, trade and investments as well as in the improvement of general economic state by predicting and creating new economic flows and business models.

Company ahead of time

Creator of value yet to come!


Mapping and analysis of tourism potentials


Development of integrated tourism products


Socio-economic development


Promotion through innovative technologies


Implementation of projects

Swiss PSD program

Private Sector Development in Southwest Serbia

Economic Development and Employment

Project Description

The Private Sector Development Programme in Southwest Serbia (PSD) phase III is implemented in 105 municipalities of Serbia (excluding Vojvodina) in tourism and traditional products sectors. The goal is that “Local economic development is strengthened and rural migrations reduced by increasing employment and income opportunities, particularly for women and youth”. PSD tends to mainstream the Market System Development (MSD) approach for all key stakeholders and to institutionally assure continuation of activates post SDC funding. Moreover, gender-sensitive approach tackles entrepreneurial potential of women to enhance gender balanced employability and social inclusion.

PSD is focused on innovation in the national tourism market in line with global trends, such as modern management of tourism destinations, development of new products; improvement of the business environment to attract investments and introduction of dual education in school system. The programme will scale the success from the second phase in promotion in international market to the national level and will develop a new system of creating tourism products within cooperation of private and public sector.

As for traditional products, the programme’s focus is on the establishment of the system in the sector of organic production of traditional products as a brand new market system and placement at domestic and international markets. Entering the new value chains require development of market mechanisms that will pull in new market players as a snow ball effect, to generate jobs and profit. PSD works to improve the control function, a system of traceability and quality standards in agricultural production for small traditional producers so that they become more competitive in the market.


- Support young people, women and SMEs to get new jobs and incomes in tourism sector
- Make value chains of traditional products more competitive on domestic and foreign markets
- Improve local economic development framework conditions
- Empower women to contribute to the household incomes and improve decision power within families


- Additional full time equivalent jobs and additional net incomes created by rural youth, women and SMEs in tourism and traditional products sectors
- Public and private sector match funds through Public-private development partnerships to support rural women and youth to start traditional production and earn income and employment in rural areas
- Women active in family households have access to financial resources and services to start own production and benefit from additional incomes, insurance and other social benefits

PHASE III / 2017 - 2022

2009 – 2022 / Overall duration
5'500'000 CHF / Phase III budget
10'550'000 CHF / Overall budget
5'500'000 CHF / Swiss contribution
10'550'000 CHF / Overal contribution
Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) / Funding Source


Zlatibor PSD, Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications, Ministry of Agriculture and Environment Protection, Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development, Tourism Organization of Serbia, National Employment Service, National Association of Tourist Agencies (YUTA), Association of Hotels and Restaurants (HORES), hotels, tourism related businesses, companies/exporters in traditional production sector


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